Friday, October 19, 2007

Disaster avoided...

I am not making this up, this story is true. We were in the Makati area on Thursday (October 18, 2007) for Medical exams (requirements for my Australian visa application). We went there in the morning, and finished the medical exams at around 12:30 (the process was exhausting, even if it was just x-rays that I had to go through). We then proceeded to the Glorietta Malls to have a late lunch (and we were really hungry).

We finished lunch, and proceeded to do some window shopping. We bought books in a small book sale in Glorietta 3, and personalized stickers near by. Nothing was really that special that day. It was just a usual family excursion to the mall (only that it was a weekday - and I was on personal leave by the way).

The next day (Friday - October 19, 2007), I went back to work. In the afternoon, I was shocked to my very core to here about the explosion in Glorietta 3. I saw the footage on, and reality just set in for me. I saw the footage of the area that was blown up, and it was the same area where we bought the books and the personalized stickers, and it would have been exactly the same time that we were there in the that area (only 24 hours earlier). We just avoided being victims of that explosion - My family and me. And all the what ifs that rolled in my mind. You see, I had actually planned to take leave on that Friday (instead of the Thursday), and go for the medical exams that day.

I just changed my mind at the last minute, because I thought that I had to get the medical exams done as quickly as possible for the visa to move ahead. If I hadn't changed my mind and proceeded to have the medical exams that day, I wouldn't know if I would be here now to write this post. Thank God for saving me and my family.

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