Friday, December 21, 2007

There's a first time for everthing...

In my 8 long years in my work, I have been able to travel to different locations almost every year. In some years, more than once. I have not had any bad experience since my trip to Israel. There security measures were bordering between paranoia and madness. They actually had all passengers line up with their luggage, and had open inspection on each one. Well, Australia's border security measures are much similar but in a more dignified way; and well organized too.

I really thought that was my first and last worse experience in adulthood travels (I've had bad experiences as a child - I easily get motion sickness). Well, I must have been too optimistic about it.

Just recently, it was my first time to travel with the whole family abroad. Our destination was Melbourne, Australia - the place that we will calling our new home. We did not have much hand carry since we had 3 kids to tend to while on the flight. We only hand carried stuff that we needed while on the flight, the rest of our stuff we checked in. When we got to our destination in Melboure International airport, we got a shocking surprise. We were waiting for our luggage, but they never came; and we were the last ones in that area of the airport.

I felt a mixture of emotions; worried about our stuff, angry with Philippine Airlines for letting this happen, confused on what to do next, and surprised by this predecament. We had nothing else with us but the clothes that we were wearing, and a few stuff that we stowed with us. All our stuff, clothes, shoes, the kids milk, and some toys are no where.

So in my 8 years of travelling, it's the first time that I have come out of the arrival terminal without my luggage. And to think that I was with my family, who were excited to get to our new home.

To cut the long story short, we had to resort to buying a few things (e.g. clothes, and stuff) that we could use for the next few days. We only got our luggage 2 days after, but PAL really sucks. The only thing I got from them was an apology that didn't really mean anything to me. I so wanted to sue their asses for having put me through an emotional rollercoaster, but what can I do.

Anyways, thought I'd share this experience with you guys. Thanks for reading.

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