Sunday, February 17, 2008

Domain Registration

I've always wanted to have my own webpage or even better my own web site to maintain, but I've always found that it is very difficult to find the right things to do when you want your own site to be a name that is trully yours. You can always get someone else to host your site, but most of the time you'll have to append a name of your own with the name of your host. It's not trully your name.
Well, finding the right host is not only a hurdle, a name of your own has a price. It can be really expensive but if you find the right place to register, you can save heaps. I've actually found the right place that does both for me. Web hosting is possible and
domain registration has never been cheaper. It's easy as well. offers a range of services related to
domain registration but also offers web hosting that easy and secure. Now I've found a place where I can build a Domain that I can trully call my own.

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