Friday, February 22, 2008

Monkey Ball

Since the day I bought our Wii my kids and I spent most of our time on it at home. They easily learn how to play on it and they enjoy with it very much. Wii sports game is the first game we have because it was included in the package but we only have one controller so for now we need to play by turn. Just recently I bought a new game for my small boy because as I observed he really loves to play this Monkey ball game with our game boy. He keeps on bothering me to play with it and he will just watch. Very clever boy and he knew how to used game boy at his age of 2. So I decided to buy monkey ball for Wii and as expected he really love watching his brothers because he doesn't know how to play with Wii yet! The problem he is blocking the sight of his bros which make the game don't work. Another trouble between my boys. Like father like sons'. Planning to buy another game the super mario party and another conroller too.

Mjay, a serious gameboy player at the age of two.

and this is our new game console Wii.

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