Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloody Train systems

Oh well, I knew it was gonna be another bad luck day with public transport. It was actually quite cool today, a first in a 10-day string of very warm days (about 32+, one even getting to 40+). It should be enough to light a smile on my face, but not even that could prepare me or ease me to another train delay.
Actually, not even my new tech-toy could pamper me from the head aches that I always get with train services here in our area. It's either late, or it's not coming at all. The bad thing about is that you always try to come just in time to catch the train, but it never does come on time. The worse time that I had to wait for a train was for more than 20 minutes (I should have taken the tram then???).
It's causing me headaches because I always want to be in the office before 9 am. It's a consolation though that I had not had problems during the warm days. That would have been worst for me.

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