Monday, March 24, 2008

First time rates for first time home owners

It has been said that usually first home buyers prefer fixed-rate Mortgages because of the very volatile nature of the market. The rates tend to change very often. In my opinion fixed-rate Mortgages would only work for you if the rates were always increasing during the period that it is fixed; but it wouldn't be the case if rates were falling. It would be a big disadvantage for you since you would run the risk of losing some.
But interest rates are as unpredictable as weather, and most often do have a trend to increase. It involves many factors such as the state of an economy and even prices of the commodities.
You always have choices with your
Mortgages rates, it's been reported that home buyers nowadays have been more conscious of the fact that the trend with rates could go both ways. If I had my way, I would just stick with tracker-rate to avoid losing out with fixed-rates.

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