Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I want my Bluetooth

For the past couple of weeks now, I've been in constant hunt for an ideal headset to match my Nokia Express Music phone. I was unlucky enough to buy one without a good headset to come with it. Anyways, since my phone has Bluetooth capability, I wanted something new to try on. I wanted to get a Bluetooth headset this time.
Why not Bluetooth? It's cool and hip; but it's very practical in a sense for me. I'm a guy, who is always on the go. Needing to walk to the train station everyday, and taking a 20-30 minute train to and from work. And plus, the fact that I don't get along very with wires running around my neck to my ears.
Well, right now am in a bit of a strife between a few things:

a Sony DRBT21G Street-style headphone

a Sony DRBT22B lightweight headphone

or a Nokia BH-503, which matches my express music phone.

All of them seem to be great products, but am eyeing the Plantronics one. I have a officemate, who uses one and it looks cool. That's what prompted me to this hunt anyways.

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