Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The PACMAN saga continues...

I would just like to share my thoughts on the upcoming fight of the Philippines' national treasure Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao. He is up against a very strong opponent in Juan Manuel Marquez. This is already their second match, and the first one was an exciting one but ended up in even score cards.
I would like to impart some wisdom to our dear old Pacman. He has been in the spotlight lately not just for the upcoming fight, but with some controversy. Well, that's life of a celebrity in the Philippines for you. You always get attention for the wrong reasons. Pacman should stay his course, and focus on the match. I just wish that he humbles himself more and not be carried away by this not so new popularity that he has garnered.
I've said this in the past that a celebrity is only celebrated for their success, and woed for any mistakes or failures. Pacman has had failures in the past as a boxer, but I've seen him bounce back. I just want him to continue to shine as a boxer and nothing else. I believe that's where he is good at. Showbusiness and politics, he should leave those alone. They would either corrupt him or destroy him altogether.
The upcoming fight of Pacman should elevate him more, but he should exercise caution, and show humility in what ever is the outcome. I believe in Pacman, and I believe he can achieve even more.

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