Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunshine Again at the start of a new season.

Summer is officially over here in Melbourne Australia. It's been a bit of a change for my family and me, since we came from the Philippines. December to Feb is usually the cooler months in Manila, but here in Australia it's been a scorching summer. We even had a 42 degrees New Year's eve. It was the hottest that we've ever experience. The hottest for me, didn't even experience that when I was in Israel. That was really a first cause aside from the fact that we had a quite New Year's eve (and Christmas Eve by the way), we also had the hottest day/night ever.
Well, we did have a couple of really cool weeks that just passed. So it is autumn here now, but it's been a warm reception for the start of the season. It was a warmer weekend, and today it's even hotter. At least is very far from the 42 that was New Year's eve, and we probably won't see another of those until the next December.
I just hope we ease in into the coming winter, it's my family's first. I think it would be my 3rd here in Melbourne.

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