Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can't Wait for Tekken 6

Tekken has always been my fancy since I first layed eyes on Tekken 1 when I was in Uni. With now 8 installments (including the much loved Tekken Tag Tournament, and Tekken DR which was Tekken 5 upgrade). It has been a fighting game to behold. It has become one of the gems of Namco Bandai (which also holds the cards of Soul Caliber, and other great games).
The current installment which is Tekken 6 has already been out for a while in Arcade, but I am yet to see action. I am just craving to get my hands on it, and try out the new characters, such as Bob, and Leo. Don't get me wrong, I still play Tekken DR; but I guess am just saturated by it.
Anyways, I haven't seen any Tekken 6 arcade machines around the place where I usually play Tekken. I believe the only arcade machines that are within reach are at least 30 minutes by train from where I am, and they're probably packed anyways.
So here's something on my wishlist. I wish that they would have the Tekken 6 arcade version in the place where I usually play. And oh another thing, I wish that the rumors flying around about Tekken 6 heading for multiple platforms would be true. I'd hate to spend $700 just to be able to buy a PS3 and Tekken 6. I just bought a Wii for the kids; and off course myself.



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Heart of Rachel said...

My hubby is also a fan of Tekken.

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