Thursday, April 17, 2008

IT Work Rocks?

Nah, that's a big no for me. I once thought of IT work as something that could be fulfilling, but now am having doubts about the profession that I chose. Am just asking myself, is this really something that I want to do for the rest of my life (well, actually, just before I retire). Well, I know I already answered this question before, and I know that what I really love is to cook.
Am interested in doing cooking as a profession. It's just one of those things that keep me in check when my day ends. Come to think of it, I leave a double life. I am a tech worker by day, and my family's chef by night (and oh, on weekends too). I don't know, I just love to be in the kitchen and experiment with the recipes that I come across in TV and magazines.
This is the reason why I've always felt relaxed with shows on the Life Style Food (it's the other channel that I normally watch aside from SCI-FI). I just enjoy looking at the recipes that Gordon Ramsay whips up (aside from his foul mouth). I also preferred watching the American chefs such as Bobby Flay, Ming Tsai, and everyone on Iron Chef American. Oh, speaking of Iron Chef, I also loved to watch original Japanese series. I just loved the way that the chefs are put to the challenge to invent something sumptuous.
Well, am sort of an Iron Chef myself. I always scavenge through our kitchen to whip a new dish. I could never stick a specific recipe, and I always have to add something to make it my own.
Anyways, back to my frustration today. I mean, this life in IT is beginning to lose it's meaning for me. I've always love to be challenged and engage in high tech work, but recently I've been reduced to a researcher. Scavenging information about some system that they're meant to be retiring in the coming months. Am actually having doubts if this is even part of the role that I was contracted for. Anyways, it's very boring; and for someone of my experience (bragging aside), I think am meant to be doing something more.

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