Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Baby and Me

My Baby and Me are not a perfect couple,
but we are a loving couple nonetheless.
As we grow old together, we learn together,
and we become better at loving each other.

My Baby and Me are not perfect parents,
but we love our 3 bundles of joy and we try
to be as cool parents as possible.
As our kids grow old, we hope to learn with
them, and become better with our relationship
as parent and child.

My Baby and Me are not perfect people,
but we are feeling people all the same.
Like everyone else we strive; but the good
thing about it is we strive together.


JOY said...

My poetic man strikes again..what can I say....mwahh!

Heart of Rachel said...

You make a lovely couple.

Thanks for visiting my blog.