Wednesday, April 09, 2008

World Crisis: My views.

I've been reading the news lately, and the most prominent issues in the world today are the following:

The Chinese crackdown in Tibet. It's been a while, but the issue has now escalated to harassment and protests during the torch tour. With the recent row happening in Paris. I think that the next leg is here in Australia. I've seen mixed comments and views around in almost every media (even in the free afternoon news paper that I get on the train service). My view point is this, China has a right to keep the peace within it's borders, and the world has the right to react to the violent crack down. Considering that, I don't think that international action should be set against China that will compromise the Beijing Olympics. The Olympics is a world exercise for peace, and it should not be compromise by views against a governmental right to keep the peace. Although I agree with most negative comments about the violent crack down, I don't agree with compromising the exercise of world peace.

Another prominent issue in the world is the looming food crisis. Poverty stricken countries have been hit hard by the increase in prices of food commodities. This has been attributed to the economic problems in the US, and the highs in world oil prices. My home country the Philippines, has been hit hard by this; and the government is struggling to keep things in check. Other governments have already been hit by riots and erupting violence related to increasing hunger. My view on this is that I think it's damn time that we consider alternatives to our fuel sources. With almost every thing affected by the price of oil; and almost every country not spared by the rising prices. Even here in Australia, we've felt prices rising and our purchasing power going down. My point is that we should start looking into alternative sources of energy that would not have an adverse effect on the prices of food commodities. After all, food is fuel for our bodies, and we are much more important than our cars or appliances. I know that it's been said a million times int he past years, but again, we should act now.

Politics in the Philippines, hmmm...What can I say? I can't really keep away from monitoring the events in the Philippines, and politics still makes more noise than anything else. (except maybe for the return of Gabby Concepcion to the showbiz fold, and the airing of Brian Gorell.). I mean, can't these politicians see the bigger picture? My fellow Filipinos are hungry, and these politicians are still looking into wasting time and the governments money on discussions about cancelled contracts or agreements made with other countries five years ago. It's just pathetic how their focus is so away from the current situation. They were elected to seek to better the welfare of their constituents, and not to just advance their political ambitions (I think I said that before). I mean, it's not that they should ignore the corruption; but they should look at the wider context now, and seek to resolve the current issues. I know that corruption affects the people in the long run, but it's been around; and governments trying to fight against it have not done well in the last 2 decades. See the picture, and the picture is that the Filipinos need help. Cause a government free of corruption now will be of no use if the country falls into disarray because of hunger and poverty.

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