Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cellphone Worries

With the wide use of the cellphone nowadays, it's always interesting to note the hazards that may come with using it. I've picked up a few bits from news recently, but everything is really up for debate.

Here is my listing of cellphone worries:

Brain Cancer - I've been hearing this quite often and it's actually being researched. I think they've already proven that it could increase the risks of having brain cancer.

Exploding batteries - This is the same as batteries catching fire. Nokia was recently one of the mobile phone companies to have done a recall of batteries because of possibility of exploding or catching fire. There was one case though in the Philippines where one user's N73 nearly burned her house down.

Driving while texting - This is the same as driving while talking on the mobile. They say it's been linked to so many accidents. Don't know about this. I don't actual drive anyways. But I do text while watching TV, or talk on the phone while riding on the train.

Holdup / Robberies / Murders - It seems that the cellphone doesn't only attract the attention of onlookers when you're talking on the handsfree. It also attracts the attention of thieves. Many crimes in the Philippines (particularly, holdups and robberies) have been because of cellphone flaashing owners.

Well, there you have it. These are just some of the cellphone worries that I know. But some people might add to this list a dozen more like dropping the phone, getting smudged, getting wet, or getting scratched. Some people just threat their mobile phones like jewelry nowadays. But, hey who wouldn't if you pay top dollar for it.

Anyways, that's all for now. Be safe with those things, and be responsible cellphone users.

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