Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool iMac

After the dust has settled with the release of the new iPhone 3G, I've suddenly had a heated desire to purchase a new PC. Well, it's not going to be my personal one; but something for my kids. I've been struggling to decide between a PC (either from Dell or HP); or another Apply product the iMac.
When I saw the specs that the iMac boast, I was instantly captured, but that was only inner beauty. It also boast a design that is unmatched. It's a pretty cool design for a desktop computer, and I'm already being swung towards that direction. Now, this is after I've nearly killed my hunger for the iPhone. And I'm swinging again towards another Apple Product. Even my friend, who is an Apple fan; says that an iMac is pretty cool and will surely be worth it.
Either way, it's not for me; but for my kids. So am still in limbo trying to find a reason to invest in an iMac beauty.

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