Friday, July 11, 2008

Touch My iBody

Nowadays am just having a struggle deciding between 2 things. I Am just thinking of getting myself the new iPhone 3G; but I just realized that for me to get one, I have to sign up for a new 24 month plan with my carrier or any of the carriers offering the iPhone here in Australia. The reason for the hesitation is the fact that I just signed up for a 24 month contract 3 months ago, and it will cause me heaps to terminate that contract.
The reason for my hesitation is because I just bought a new iPod as well. So you see, I already a fairly new phone, and a decent one at that. And I also have a new iPod to booth. An iPhone will replace both in some respect. My struggle is with my desire to get into the iTouch thing. I tried out a friend's iPod Touch, and it was very cool. Having the capability to connect to the Internet via Wifi makes it a nice mini-computer. Plus, Apple technology is not perfect but cool nonetheless.
An iPhone or an iPod touch that is the question now. I can probably set aside my current iPod and keep it as a gift for one of my brothers this Christmas, so an iPod Touch would be a nice thing to have. But then again, I could also set aside my new Phone and give it to my mom this Christmas. Then an iPhone is within reach, but what to do with the contract?

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