Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Spin into the Olympics 2008

I often have a very Nationalistic view into sports. Well, in Philippine sports that is. Aside from the usual craving for the National Basketball Association, and maybe some Aussie rules footy (Go Cats!!!); I've got a very dear appreciation for my country's sports.
I fancy the Philippine Team (in any sport: especially Basketball, boxing, and more) that represents the Nation's pride in International competition. I was there when the PBA powered basketball team tried to get a slot in the recent Beijing Olympics. I am always there when Manny and the other International boxers compete in Vegas.
But recently, I've been very disappointed with the Philippine team representing in the Beijing Olympics. I'm saddened by the fact that we could only manage less than 2 handfuls of athletes to compete this year. We use to be able to field a handful of boxers, and now we could only manage 1. We used to be able to field a few jins in Taekwando, but now there are fewer. And don't let me get started about swimming, and track; we use to have decent fieldings there as well. I am very much worried about the prospect that the Philippines cannot even get a single medal this time around. Each day, our hope of getting gold if not getting a single medal is just dwindling.
So am just now looking forward to the next Olympics. Maybe then, we can get our Basketball team in; and maybe more boxers.

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