Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Kid's New Tech Toy

I've finally purchased a computer for my kids. I was originally thinking about a getting them an iMac, but I guess it was just too expensive and I probably won't get have much power. And the other reason was that I wasn't really a big Mac fan.
Anyways, I got the PC from a friend, who runs a small technology business. I think he game me a pretty good deal for it. I pretty much asked for the features of this PC, and I can say that it's much more powerful than even my new Dell Latitude D630 (this is my work machine off course).
Here are some of the specs that I had included in their PC:
Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO E7300.
Motherboard: P35 NEO-F LGA775 ATX.
RAM: 2GB 667MHZ DDR2 (KIngston).
Hard Drive: 500 GB SATA.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GF8500GT PCI-E 512MB.
Monitor: BENQ E900W 19".
And some added features: 802.11G 54MBS Wireless PCI Card, and Logitech Cordless Deskstop (Keyboard and Mouse).
Now the kids are actually enjoying their new Tech Toy, and even getting connected on the Internet.


Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

wow nice computer

XP or Vista?

~ Christopher ~


Tey said...

nice desktop Joy.. Oy, dami mo nang blog.. ok ka lang? lols..
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