Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Tech-Toy for Me?

Well, it's really a tech-toy, but not for me. My wife had to started a hobby of taking pictures of the kids. You see, we have a park near by and it's a very nice place to be taking pictures. So we've finally decided to get a better camera. Not that our previous camera was not a good one. In fact it hasn't been 2 years since we got it; and it's a decent 8 megapixel waterproof Optio.
But I guess it's time for a DLSR, and so I've decided to get us the new Canon EOS 1000D. It's not a top of the range DLSR, but off course we need something to begin with. For starters, it is a newer entry-level DLSR; and I've read good reviews about it. At first, I was thinking about getting the 450D. But my wife would have to use it more often while at home, so we got the lighter 1000D.
Here is a run down of some of the specifications that this new baby boast: 10.1 Mega pixels CMOS sensor, 3888 x 2592 image size, Auto ISO adjust, Auto lighting optimizer, and with Live view. Of course, there are more technical things that can be discussed about it; but their really just the boring bits.

All I can add is that this baby packs a hell lot more image quality than our old Pentax. And off course it is a DLSR, so the challenge is be creative with your shots. It's something that I've wanted to try for quite a long time. But for now, I leave the playing around with this new tech-toy to my baby.

Here are the first pictures that we've taken with our new tech-toy:

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