Sunday, May 03, 2009

Party for my Baby

It was my baby's birthday last Friday, and I had to pull all the stops to give her a party. We had invited a few friends over for dinner the next day. We couldn't do on a Friday night of course. I brought out my inner chef to cook a feast for a few Filipino friends, and few other friends here. My menu was simple, but I guess it was all right.
On my menu, I had Filipino style spaghetti, Filipino style Chicken Macaroni salad, special Fried Chicken, and Kaldereta (a Filipino Beef Stew). I was quite pleased with what I prepared, and considering the fact that I spent the whole of Saturday morning preparing it. A few of the guests also brought a few things on the table, and they were a hit too. I had the best compliment ever about my cooking that night. Our Russian friend told me that the Kalderata I prepared tasted exactly like her grandmothers stew. What were the odds of that?

Off course, at the end of the day, I did all that for my Baby. It was her time to celebrate, and I saw that she really enjoyed her day. She was with both friends and family.

29th Birthday Celebration (21) by you.

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