Thursday, March 05, 2015

Getting Back to It

I have not been showing much love to my own blog.  It's been ages since I posted a decent article on this space.  I really want to get back into it and write again.  I didn't realized that getting into IT (which by the way is a creative outlet) would stifle my other creative sides. I have been neglecting my creative side on the culinary front.  Forgive me my Food Blog.  I'll get back to you soon.

And this blog too, I have nearly forgotten.  It was a good thing I still remembered my own password here. Actually, thanks to Google for now owning blogspot and having all my accounts linked together.  This where I pour my contribution to the literary world.  I am a writer at heart too.  I need to be able to express my ideas through words and man, I miss it so much.

So, I make this promise to feed my other creative sides.  I'll have to break the cycle of being stuck in purely numerical pursuits.  I'm not saying that I had enough of the IT world, but I just need small breaks from it.  Just like now, I am in the middle of executing test cases, but I just suddenly had the urge to write on my blog again after 5 years.  It actually feels great, and I think I will keep it up.

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