Monday, August 15, 2005

A Road Trip...

By Jayver Lance

A hundred miles of rough pave to drive,
A few dozen oceans and seas to cross.
There are bridges to help with my strive
but most times, just a naked swim for a cause.
There are wonders that in my eyes do unfold,
yet the sores are too many, clouds too thick.
That the visions of beauty are left to fold
by disagreement at all guise and prick.
Pride is won at any battles end,
discontent is battered unto the less fortunate.
When it should be humility and no pretend
be everyone's reward, not gold of greed on a plate.
Bend as the roads become crooked, and curved.
Bounce back from a crack, or a puddle.
Never be fallen on a mound of pain rendered,
learning be ones joy, sweet as a cuddle.
A trip life is, down a road less traveled.
Cross, swim, walk or drive be an action.
it's everything in between should be marveled.
Life serves the great good, it's main function.


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nice poem...and nice photo, too..ehehe...d ko alam n may pagka-poetic ka pala..ehehe..

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