Monday, September 05, 2005

To tackle the Bull (the Challenge)...

There is a lesson that people have to consider in life. Being alone doesn't prove that one is strong and independent. It only shows that one can't put up with life, and every aspect of it: the challenge, the search, and the understanding.

The challenge is to overcome one's tendency to be solitary. It's a fact that being alone makes one apart from what or who one really is; a social creature. A social creature does not only relate to others, but depends on others. It is true, people seek people; human beings long for a form of companionship. We don't just seek for thrills in life, we seek it with someone else.

I know, life is a bull; but wouldn't it be fun wrestling with it? Come to think of it, if one just stands there, one will really be hit head on. Learn to ride life, and face up to it's challenges. The best way of living up to the challenge is with the helping hand of friends, relatives, or even total strangers.

Life is really like a bull, one can either learn to tame it and go with the ride, or wait to be run over.

It's really up to oneself, how life should be tackled


Anonymous said...

food for thought:

to be a social creature one needs to develop social skills

Jay-Jay ver Lance said...

I think that social skills are already in any human being. Regardless of one's educational background, or the cultural upbringing that one has been through; the yearning to reach out to someone is there. Other species of animals, and even insects have this skill as instinct; why should the highest order of mammals be much less. But you're right, the correct or appropriate social skills have to be develop or improved. Thanks for the insight.

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