Thursday, February 21, 2008

Badluck with utilities

Back in the Philippines I have always been on the phone with our cable and broadband providers. I wasn't really happy with their services at all. It's either no signal here and bad signal there. No connectivity here and slow connection there.

I was so pissed with their service and how it was so unreliable. It was just so annoying. And all that time, these service providers have never been apologetic about their bad service.

When I got here in Melbourne, I thought that it was gonna be different. Well things here are really different, customer service is the top priority of any service provider. I know this because I've worked for several of the top utility companies here in Australia. These companies invest a lot of money on customer relations and their customers are always their top priority.

Well, now that I am a resident here in Australia, I was both a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Now I will be serviced by these companies.

I had my first experience of the service that my cable provider would give me. I was really pissed over the weekend because the cable company just installed the service at our rented home on a Friday. We had service for a couple of hours, but in the afternoon we had none anymore. This went on all through the whole weekend. I tried to exhaust all possible way to contact my provider, but they were really uncontactable.

I resorted to sending them an email and they informed me that they would give me their attention in a couple of days. Well, I was not really happy with these unfortunate events, but in consulation they've did contact me yesterday. They apologized for the problems over the weekend and that it was due to their upgrade in their system. I took that anyways, and proved how these utilities value their customers.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...


from bisdak, kaya na punta ako rito.

first, want to say, happy birthday.more lucky bdays to come.

God bless you.....

oo nga, that what i like here, too.
Customer is always right n the service, prima.

we are secured here n security too,

thanks for sharing....

ay oo nga, really, dito para akong naka sandar sa padel na,
hindi natatakot or walang worries.

hindi kagaya sa pinas, even i closed my eyes, takot n worry pa rin....and when open the eyes, the first question, ano kaya mamaya or in the second happen.
wala kasing security.....insecure lagi ang feeling ko doon.

regards to your family......