Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reviving Romance

What's the secret of a happy marriage? Romance weekends help, but love isn't something you postpone for special occasions. It's what you do today for yourself, for her, for the commitment you made to each other to "love, honour, cherish and protect."

And what many couples will tell you is that the changes aren't that hard to make. You can open your heart, change your attitudes, and create not just a romantic atmosphere,
romantic ideas, but a romantic perspective. It can make a world of difference in your marriage, and even your life.

Worrying not only brings you out to stress, it wears down your spirit until you lose your ability to enjoy your marriage, and your life. Stop seeing life as a series of works: rediscover your dream, and the
romance of being alive.

passion for life is the sexiest things in a man especially woman. He or she love the twinkle in your eye and enjoy in your voice. Plus, you'll feel 10 years younger.

Communication is the key to any happy marriage. Sometimes a
love notes are very romantic to make to put a smile on her or his face in a start of a day. If you are about to express your feelings don't just say I Love You--speak lovingly. Romance begins in your heart.

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