Monday, February 25, 2008

First encounter...

I had my first consultations with my kids' teachers today. I was I bit nervous about what they would say about my two little boys: my eldest Jover, and my second son Jarred. My wife and I were worried about how they have behaved in school for the past month or so.
I had a meeting first with Jarred's teacher, Mrs Paterson. She was very nice to say that Jarred was really doing well in school. Aside from the usual misbehaviour because of his curious mind, he is actually very bright and draws very well. Thank God, my Jarred isn't really that bad in school. Around, he's a it stubborn; but I guess that would change if we give him a chance to change.
I then met Mrs Coxon, Jover's teacher. She had legitimate concerns about my eldest; but they were things that could be mended by practice. She seems to think that Jover is struggling a little bit because he is adjusting. Actually, Jover should still be in Grade 1 but the school asked if we wanted to put him in Grade 2 because of his age. Well being in his Grade now, he is doing a lot better than I expected.
Well, that was my first encounter with the teachers. I think all in all it wasn't that bad. I guess I'll have to wait for the next consultation in June.

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