Friday, February 22, 2008

A Selling Life

My life has not always been this easy and relaxed, there was a time in my life that I had to deal with people over the counter, the counter of a hardware store. My aunt managed a hardware store and I used to help out during my free time. That was actually in my college days. Hey, it wasn't only a pass time but I've managed to earn some money as well. Plus it to help with my keep in the place.
That was the first time that I experienced stress and satisfaction all at the same time; much like my work now in the IT industry. We could say I was a salesman back then, but without any experience what so ever. I was mostly dealing with customers in the construction business, and had to know stuff like paints, nails, electrical items, plumbing fixtures, and a lot of more.
I actually felt back then I wasn't that effective in being a salesman. If only I had Sales Training back then, I would have been more effective as a member of the store. I would known better to deal with people, with customers in general. I wouldn't say it would have made a very big impact, but it was still a big difference for me.
An effective Sales Training would have more impact to a proper career. If I wasn't in the IT industry, I would have gone for a career in sales. That would have been a selling life for me. And it could be too for you. So a take a step and go for Sales Training.


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