Friday, February 22, 2008

LCD Screen Televisions

26 inches LCD screen television- LG brand

Did I mentioned I have the passion in collecting or I mean buying what is the latest in technology like new latest brands and style of appliances? From DVD players, television and laptop computers, cell phones and many more I always make a goal to buy which are the coolest.
I bought 14 inches LCD screen television for our living room temporarily. We don't have any entertainment appliances at first. There is a feeling of emptiness if your home doesn't have TV; you can't watch news and kids shows for the children. But a small television is not enough for me. If will play games with my laptop and then connect to the TV to have a big screen it's not fulfilling.
So I decided to buy another bigger LCD screen TV. The LG brand and it's really cool. My goal is to buy 31 inches but I think that's too huge for my house and it's hard to carry. I end up with 26 inches which is not bad. I'm happy with the outcome when I play games and watch any shows.

our first 14 inches LCD screen AWA TV

A big difference with the resolution right? But, we still keep the small one for our room. It's still worthy for me.

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