Monday, February 25, 2008

Passion in Cooking

I love to cook different dishes. Experimenting my own menu and let my family have a taste with it. Anyway I cooked just for them and I am the in charge in the kitchen. Sometimes I came to point of thinking to give up my job and start a business that involves cooking but of course I knew it's not easy to plod through. I won't take the risks with the security of my family. I need to have a perfect plan and a perfect timing as well and I don't know when it is. For now, I will dedicate my cooking passion to my wife and kids. They are so picky with the food they eat and I find it hard to please them with my cooking sometimes.
Here are the photo of some of the menu I made that they like to eat especially my figure conscious wife.

Under those veggies were different slice and 3 varieties of fish. Salmon and I don't know the specific name of the other

Baked macaroni and steamed shrimps

beef stew!

I didn't made this sushi rolls but I always bought and take it home because it's my baby's favourite. Look at her fingers, can't wait to pick the food.
Sometimes this is the only food she ate the whole day. My oldest son too started to inherit liking the food.

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