Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Proving the Apple's worth

The credit card (or some call it the plastic apple) has become a necessity for a lot of people nowadays. I mean it's not just because of the change in people's lifestyles, but also the trends in the market have forced a lot of people to pick up at least one form of credit card.
With more and more people falling into deeper debt, it makes you wonder why it's so easy to get a credit card in the first place. I mean a lot of people nowadays are trying to live beyond their means, and really way beyond what they actually earn. The credit card creates this illusion that you can buy more, that you have more money at hand, when in fact you don't. People are just drowning in a sea of debt that some cannot really stay a drift in.
Now with the world debt rising to staggering numbers, lenders are feeling the pinch of allowing so much credit around. They're actually doing some measures to minimize the damage, like reducing the allowable credit limits for a credit card holder, or increasing applicable fees and interests on money owed. Well for me, its a move too little too late. I mean with the statistics at hand, I don't think anyone could payoff their debts anytime soon.
Secured Loans would be a solution to this credit crunch, and it would really help people to manage their finances better. I mean people should now realize that credit cards are just more expensive than what they think it is.
It will take a radical shift in peoples spending behaviors, and some help from Secured Loans to be able to get away from the plastic apple's declined practicality.

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