Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Start of My Work Day...

The moment I step out of our door, I felt a cool breeze. Well it was actually cool breeze since it was a top of 21 today in Melbourne, and the dark clouds were just hovering overhead. But anyways, I felt something different about this day.
When I got to the train station, I realized that I finally caught up with the right train - the one that runs express pass 3 major stations. So getting to work was a cool quick ride. Then in the coffee shop, I got my coffee pretty quickly. Quicker than usual, I think.
Then the fun began when I stepped into the office. My boss was on the phone because of a severity 1 issue (the highest priority issue that we could ever get, and it meant that we dropped everything else, except for another severity 1). It's been very quite for the pass few days (or weeks for that matter), and it's been nearly a year since the last severity 1 that we had to deal with. I was also the one who dealt with it during a holiday by the way.
Anyways, moving forward. I had to rush to the client's office to investigate or resolve the problem. I found what the problem was, and had to rush back again to our office to investigate further and resolve the issue. Oh by the way, I had to literally run to the client's office for this.
So that was the first thing I had to do, even before I could finish my coffee. When I got to the office, a mother in distress struck me because her son was stuck on the rotating doors of our building. He was really pinned to the door, and couldn't get out. Someone managed to stop the rotating doors from moving further, but he still couldn't get free. It took 3 men in suits and myself to push the doors backwards, and get the child free. I was actually worried for the poor little fellow. I thought he was about my son’s age, and he was really shaken up badly. He was actually limping a little, but I think he would be all right after a while. Anyways, I hope there wouldn't be any psychological trauma.
Yes, that was the start of my workday. I thought I was a hero on two fronts; one for the little boy, who got stuck on the rotating doors; and the other for our client. I eventually found the cause of the problem and suggested a temporary resolution. So at least it made my day already, and I'm pleased.

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