Monday, March 31, 2008

Boat for a Cause

A charitable organization is only measured by the long reach of it's arms in providing help. But a charity cannot be what it is without the donations and help that it gets from people: volunteers, and benefactors. And the other measure of success of a charity is the programs that it implements.
Boat Donation Charity is a charity that can be clearly measured by the success of their programs in the community. They do productions of media that does not only entertain but give information on a specific social cause (e.g. anti-drug campaign, child care, etc). Boat Donation Charity is also known in the community for their work with youth development and outreach. They help keep the youth of today educated and most specially away from drugs.
Oh and by the way,
Boat Donation Charity is funded by yes, you guessed it. They get funds from sale of donated boats. Hey, so what are you waiting for give a boat for a cause.

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