Monday, March 10, 2008

Buy and Sell of used Hardware

It's a known fact that computer hardware are expensive, specially the types that are used in large companies. They form the backbone of any company that relies heavily on computer systems and the internet. Reliability is demanded of them and performance should never be compromised.
But the cost of brand new servers, routers, network switches, backup power supply units, and others will really shoot up your expenses to the roof. It does not even include the cost of maintenance for these things. Cisco is a known brand in the market place as a leader in networking technology with multiple products to booth. But let's be realistic, Cisco products are expensive. Well, actually the brand new ones are expensive; but
used cisco hardware and software aren't.
used cisco product is economical for companies that don't need that extra burden of cost of brand new stuff. Products from are guaranteed to be 100% tested. You wouldn't want a second hand product to falter on you. So what are you waiting for? Checkout the range of used cisco products that will suit your needs.

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