Monday, March 10, 2008

A Long walk for Metro-Pinoys

I thought just a few post back that I wasn't better off with the public transport issues hounding me here in Melbourne. I just heard in the news today that another transport strike looms its way for Metro Manila commuters. I'd be happy with delays anyday, than no transport at all.
Metro Manila is home to several millions of people, and majority of them don't own cars; so communiting is a must. Most people in Metro Manila travel nearly everyday for work, school, and even just leisure. It is also frequented by tourist (although I would expect them to have travel arrangements).
I've had my fair share of experiences with Public Transport stoppages in the past, and believe me it's nothing but inconvenience. I mean, if you don't have to be somewhere, then you shouldn't even try to leave your home. Many commuters get stranded at this time. Some activists groups take this time as an opportunity to cause noise in the streets, since it's abound with people either confused by the situation or just darn numb the crisis.
Well, it's good to hear that the government is really trying to sort things out, but this is one thing that they should always stir away from. The most inconvenient about this is that the strike is not brought about by a demand for increase in fare, but a dispute over traffic violation ticketing system. I mean everyone expects to be caught once and awhile, and they wish thee ticketing system to be done in a unified manner. How dumb is that?

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