Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let the war games begin

I've always been fond of pretty much anything related to the militrary. Being a son of a military man, I've been lucky enough to access actual guns. I'm talking about .45 calibre pistols. M-16 rifles, and lots more. Well, that was when I was young; and I never did get to use those things. But am still fond of those things.
Back when I was in my college days, I enjoyed war simulations through computers. Computer games in particular have brought me closer to being involved in war games. I eventually got bored of those things, real action is much more. Oh, we also did war games during my paramilitary training; but we used water baloons. Yes. it was fun, but not as real as something that I recently got introduced to.
Real action has come to me when I started working, and I was introduced to the realistic war games of paintball. Paintball is a fun action game that requires skills, cunning, and tactics (I just love that word).
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Ankur said...

I liked the way you have represented this information regarding paintball guns. I knew nothing about paintball guns, but after reading your articles, I came to know what are guns all about!! Thanx!! Keep doing good work!!