Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Political Circus

I was just viewing the Philippine Daily Inquirer today (online), and found it interesting and disgusting at the same that politics in the home country has turned into a circus again. I have monitoring these news articles on the debunked NBN deal, and how it has become a the new ring for Senators to bring in their clown acts.
I thought that was the farthest that it would go, since it has been going on for forever now. When I left the Philippines just before Christmas, it was the hot topic and it is still now. I am just dismayed by the fact that these elected officials have become mere circus clowns that don't really amuse the people. I mean, if they just stop doing all these Senate inquiries and focus on making laws that matter to the people, then we would have been super power by now (a little bit exaggerated, but not impossible). And their main excuse for such inquiries is to bring out the truth. The truth about what? That our politicians are corrupt and greedy, everyone knows that? Or do they just want to prove that someone else is more corrupt than they are.
This morning I read on PDIonline that they are asking for an investigation on the Spratlys agreement that the Philippines signed with China and Vietnam, which happened to be 4 years ago. Drilon (Franklin) has raised the bar for clown hood in politics. He is no longer in servitude, but he still manages to put on that white makeup and cause a stir in the already entangled political scene. Now, the Senate wants to tie the Spratly's agreement to the NBN deal problem. I just want to know when this will stop, maybe when all of these clowns have seized to hold power. I'd say bring in the new clowns ( a fresh batch of politicians, who can probably entertain us). If I were the President, I'd declare martial law now, and it would probably better the political climate.
It is ridiculous that everything boils down to power grabbing and the urge to greedy. These politicians keep saying that it is for the interests of the people. I'd ask which people? Maybe they should ask the people first if they want this circus to go on.
I really pity Madam President for being in the middle of all this. I mean, she strives to do what is best for the country (or what she perceives to be best), but she always gets this negative attraction. When will we hear anyone thank the President for her achievements? Yes, it can't be denied that she has had achievements. She should be given credit for those. I just hope that she doesn't get dipped in deeper into this circus. Can someone just get rid of these clowns if not shut them up?

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