Saturday, November 01, 2008

Top Entrecard dropper of the month

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This is the first time this blog have to acknowledge entrecard dropper. I forgot last month and you know I don't usually open this blog because this belongs to my man. You heard me right. This is not the owner writing this post. Guess who? I just registered this blog to my ec account since I'm given access. The owner of this blog is very hardworking and busy with his programming work at Oracle. He rarely post article as well. He's inconsistently blogging for three years. I'm just the one forcing him to get active. I have the right lol! Enough for this because I'm just an intruder here. Thank you very much for dropping you card guys and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Bill said...

Thanks for the post i always enjoy coming here. Have a great weekend.

Sam said...


Dear you have all the right to this post...