Friday, September 21, 2007

Celebrations and Sorrow...

This month we celebrated the birthdays of my 3 kids: Jarred - September 06, Jover - September 19, and MJ - September 27. We rolled up the celebration on the 19th since Jover was turning 7 years old.

My dad was there to be part of the celebration, but he was partly not there; and so was I. You see, my grandmother (my father's mom) was already bed ridden, and the doctors advised that it was just anytime now. The next day, my dad was actually flying out back home to be beside my grandmother. And true enough, she passed away the next day (hence my previous blog).

How can you come to terms with celebrating three renewed years for my children and losing a grand parent all in the same month? I had difficulty in this. I wasn't even able to go for my grandmother's funeral, and my excuse was I had no more money to spend for a flight to Cagayan De Oro, and plus I had to offer some assistance for the funeral - I had to choose I bigge cause, and that I was had to offer assistance for the funeral; and in place of my presence - prayers and a mass offered for her.

So you see, September won't be the same month as before. For the pass 7 years, we've been celebrating birthdays during this month (not to mention our anniversary is on this month as well). And now, we have to remember a day of sorrow.