Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Gaming Dilemma part 1.

Well, it's been a while since I've written something sensible here. So, welcome back to myself. Apologies to my readers, am just going to turn up my geek meter and talk about technology. My topic for today is games, and gaming flat forms in general.

Gamers nowadays are bombarded with a whole lot of choices for gaming flatforms. Theres just too many choices, but each may suit a particular lifestyle or attitude.

You have the traditional arcade games, which are still quite popular. They have always been the starting point for most of the popular fighting games out there (e.g. Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Caliber, DOA, etc). It’s most often the springboard for sports games (e.g. Virtua Tennis, etc.). And off course, some of the popular race games come out here first. This suits the lifestyle of those who prefer to be on the move and would love the challenge of a stranger. Arcade is very hands on, and very interactive. You don't only interact with the games, but with other players as well.

I myself have been very fond of arcade games. Since I've discovered fighting games back when I was younger, I have never stopped visiting the nearest arcade game shop. Tekken is now my game, but I've also had my fill of a few other arcade favorites (e.g. Soul Caliber, Gundam, Virtua Tennis, Time Crisis, etc).

The next choice up in the ladder is console games. Well, you have a whole range of choices here as well. You can have the older generation consoles, which include the PS One, and Game Cube. By the way, am not going to consider taking about the Family computer, Sega Saturn, or even the Atari here. I consider those to be classics, and when I say classic; it should be left in museums or antic shops. They are to reverred, but I don't think you would still want to play them on your Full HD LCD TV. Then you have a much recent bunch of consoles such as the PS2, and XBox. And then finally, the next generation consoles which include the PS3, the XBox 360, and ever so popular Wii (am just wondering when I'll be able to go to a gamig shop, and get a Wii off the shelf). Games here are so entertaining and most often are design towards a fun group play. Well, you can also play solo. But the enjoyment comes in fun with friends or family members. It has a more personal appeal than the arcade since you play this at home.

Well, I'll have to stop here for now. In the next part, I'll be talking more about the other choices for a gaming lifestyle. See ya!!!

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